Improve Communication in Relationships

I have a charming technique that I want to share with you that will help you to improve the communication you have in all of your relationships. It is a technique I have been suggesting with much success over the years and it really does improve communication in relationships, even if there is somebody involved who likes to butt in all the time and speaks over the top of you. We all know one of those people, don’t we?

So, all you need is one pair of socks rolled into a ball inside each other. The idea is that the person who is holding the ball of socks is the person who will be talking. The other person has to listen to everything the person holding the socks says, without interrupting and without actually saying a word. The reward for this is that when person 1 has finished speaking and hands the ball of socks to the other person, they then in return have to listen to person 2 and not interrupt.

It is empowering to use this technique as it gives somebody a chance to share exactly how they feel about something without being spoken over, judged, or interrupted before they are finished. It also teaches the listener to actually listen! I have seen people who would usually shout all over everybody else, actually stop and listen to the person with the socks, it does work, well!

May I suggest that you try this technique the next time you want to improve communications in relationships, such as talking to your child, your partner, a friend, etc. about something, particularly something sensitive. I think you will be quite surprised at just how effective this method is. If you cannot find any socks, it is possible to use another object, just as long as the same rules are applied.
Good luck!

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