Introducing Gillian…


Hello! I’m Gillian Farry

Formerly a singer and guitar player in the entertainment industry in the UK for 16 years, for almost 40 years now I have closely studied human communication and have mastered it many times over by experience and professional qualifications which include a Masters in Humanities and Communication. I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I am a Human Behaviour Expert, therefore specialising in
interpersonal communications and relationships of all kinds, from personal to professional and in particular sales relationships as I have a rich sales and marketing background. I also teach in vocational education and training and higher education across areas which include emotional intelligence, marketing, business, events, change management and leadership but most importantly I can show you how to live a happy meaningful life according to your values.

Through a range of services from workshops, keynote speaking,
coaching, counselling and my book, I can show you how to find
renewed purpose in your life, unthought of levels of success and an overall feeling of happiness via a unique process or shift in perception that is quite simply life changing!

Are you ready?

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PO Box 203, Waterford, Queensland 4133. Australia
Phone number:
0411 551 556
Very responsive to all communication! I will get back to you shortly!