Setting Relationship Goals! Every relationship in your life can be improved.

It may be your own personal relationship, a business relationship, or a relationship with a child, parent or sibling.

Whichever relationship in your life needs some attention, one of the best ways you can strategically assist the growth and development of it is by setting some relationship goals.

Firstly you need to think about the particular relationship that may not be working the way you want it to and write down what is wrong. It could be that the communication is not effective, there may be some problems with not seeing eye to eye about an issue or that you do not resolve conflict very well.

Goal setting is secondly about brainstorming and thinking about ways that you can improve the issue and finally choosing what you believe is the most relevant and helpful solution to work with.

Once you have this solution in mind you can set a goal for it to become your new reality using the SMART method.

S is for specific so make your goal detailed, what exactly do you want to achieve by doing this?

M is for measurable so we need a way to know when the goal has been achieved, how will you know when things are working more effectively?

A is for achievable, don’t make a goal that is impossible to achieve however give yourself a little stretch, something worthy to work towards.

R is realistic, so again make sure the objectives are within your reach otherwise you will lose motivation if you cannot see the result just around the corner! Finally the

T means time framed so when do you want these changes to happen?

By the end of the week or month? Give yourself a date so you have something concrete to work towards. Relationships goals are an amazing way to bring your relationships into focus and build them into a more rewarding experience for everyone!

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