Untie Your Tongue and Speak Purrfectly!

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Interpersonal Communications Made Simple
5 easy steps to transform the way you communicate in just one evening!
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Has the cat got your tongue? Do you wish you had the skills to talk your way into a new relationship, a new job or a new life?

This robust 2nd edition pocketbook is a concise guide that will demonstrate how easy it is to communicate more effectively in your relationships with other people. The changes you make as a result of reading this book will improve your existing relationships overnight, whilst helping you to create dynamic new ones. Everything you need is condensed into one powerful pocketbook!

You will discover how to:

  • Create friendships charismatically and easily!
  • Get that raise or that new job effortlessly!
  • Become the most popular person around; everyone will want to be with you and get to know you!
  • Use the same effective techniques the professionals use!
  • Become a great listener, simply and quickly!
  • Start to transform all of your relationships within 24 hours!
  • Save yourself money on courses and experts, it’s all here!

“This is a great introduction to the difficult area of successful communication, written and presented with warmth, humour, understanding and in an informal tone which puts you at ease and gives you confidence from the start. You can read it in one evening and start putting it into practice the next day. Congratulations to Gillian and all concerned – including the cats.” – Frank Startup

Gillian is a leading authority on interpersonal communications. This book is designed to be readable in one evening so you can quickly become your very own communications expert!

This best-selling book, now in its 2nd edition continues to revolutionise the way people everywhere are improving and enriching their relationships. It will help you too, so what are you waiting for?

10 reviews for Untie Your Tongue and Speak Purrfectly!

  1. Sian Woods

    This is an excellent pocket-sized book, which Gillian has written in an easy-to-read format. It gives helpful communication strategies in simple terms and is easy to understand. Gillian uses some examples of her own experiences and the book feels very relatable, real and genuine. A great read Gillian! Looking forward to another book in the future! 🙂

  2. Linda Purcell

    Gillian Farry’s “Untie Your Tongue” is one of those powerful little books that packs a punch and everyone should read it.
    Communication is one of the most important aspects of being human and so essential to a successful and happy life. We all want and need to be heard and understood and we all need to understand our fellow humans on this life journey. The world would be a better place if we all made the effort!
    Gillian conveys her message in a succinct and easy to read manner, in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and process. Some of what she says may seem obvious and common sense but sadly , these days, common sense is NOT so common.
    There is an abundance of good advice here with suggestions and ideas to put into practise this new knowledge and understanding; every reader will gain from reading the text. We could all communicate better.
    It is light hearted too and delivers it’s message without being preachy or patronising and includes some of her own life experiences to illustrate the points she is making.
    I would say that everyone should read and then re-read this book.Anyone who is capable of reading English can find much to learn and aspire to here. It’s not rocket science but it’s VERY important and so worthwhile. Congratulations Gillian on a job VERY well done!
    Linda Purcell
    Palmerston North, New Zealand 10/8/2018

  3. Jan-Marie Brooke

    This is a book I wish I had many, many years ago. Communication for me was a constant issue of being misunderstood or my message misinterpreted – until I learned to actively listen … I was one of those people who was thinking about what I would say whilst the other was talking instead of really listening, I know I am not alone in this behaviour … so this is a VERY valuable resource and I would encourage the Author to get this into Real Estate agency’s, Schools and the P & C organisations because for parents it would be of enormous benefit to them in being able to communicate effectively with each other. Jan-Marie Brooke.

  4. Kylie Wood

    I just sat down and read this little gem of a book and have one word – Purrrfect!!! I really enjoyed it, short, concise, sweet and great little reminders all the way through. Very relatable and I highly recommend it. Looking forward to more of Gillian’s work in the future 🙂

  5. Danielle Silva

    I would describe “Untie Your Tongue” as a very useful practical tool to make yourself aware of the mistakes you are making and to guide you on how to effectively fix them and improve your communication to others. But, as it wasn`t enough, there is also hints on how to better communicate to the universe! Very pleasant, accessible and quick reading.

  6. Millie Byrne

    Untie your Tongue is a handbag (pocket book) size tool a ‘how to’ impress tool. The cover presentation impressive. The book easy to hold. The words easy to read. The content is well planned. Navigation through the pages seamless. The writer closes each end of paragraph without a fuss only to take its reader into the beginning of the next equally as seamlessly. Finally the afterword makes her human, giving out her email address humanises her. In summary she offers practical advice on the appreciation of connection through communication in an easy and concise manner. Thank you Gillian Farry for reminding me to untie my tongue.

  7. Rhonda Valentine Dixon

    Though the digital age is very young, technology is evolving faster than many, particularly elderly people, can possibly cope with. There is no denying that Smart phones are extraordinary and the capabilities of personal computers truly astonishing. If we choose to, we can conduct global business from our bed or a moving vehicle. However, we are also seeing some adverse effects of the new technology on human communication. Frequent users have developed an abbreviation of language, which may be useful to some extent, but it does little for conveying intended meaning in interpersonal communication, except perhaps when it comes to bullying. Indeed, the anonymity technology provides has caused an upsurge in bullying and the consequence is an increase in teen suicide.

    Gillian Farry, BA, MA and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, has written a book that I think should be mandatory in every school curriculum. Untie Your Tongue and Speak Purrfectly! is a concise guide to effective communication. (The book is illustrated with black cats, hence its purrfect quality.) Gillian reminds us that simply how we present to others is communication. If we are self-absorbed, lack empathy or fail to listen, communication with others will be less than purrfect. We need to be aware that our facial expressions and body language are as important as the words we say. And most importantly, we need to remember that we should not assume that our own personal meaning is included in our message, that if we say something, our meaning will be conveyed too. This is not the case. Everyone’s understanding of language differs and everyone’s perception of a situation changes with how they read the person saying it. When we are emotional, or if we are ambiguous, we cannot expect our meaning to be always understood.

    If we only converse in ‘text speak’ or fail to learn to ‘read’ or listen to others, if we fail to learn how to communicate in a way that is expected of us in certain situations or if we do not develop empathy, we may not get out of life all that we could have. Gillian’s excellent book teaches us what we need to know to communicate kindly and effectively.

  8. Del coombes

    An excellent book providing both advice and prompting self reflection on how we can improve communication with others. I have now read this book several times and each time I pick up an additional “pearl of wisdom”…very well written and explained using everyday examples with which to associate the advice given. This book is kept close by for reference and is easily picked up for further reading. Well done Gillian! X

  9. Rupika Donzenac

    What a great little book! Some simple reminders and tips for great communication skills. So easily forgotten in this digital era. Easy read and loved the cats! Just so you Gillian. A book I definitely will refer to and read again and again. I highly recommend it.

  10. Peta Lang

    Clear concise easy reading guide to understanding and improving your communication skills. I picked up new insights into my communication behaviour and the book also reinforced what I already was doing correctly. A joy to read! Highly recommended.

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