A Meaningful Life is not about Being Rich!

Have you heard the quote that says, he was so poor, all he had was money? Leading a meaningful life is not about being rich, it is about getting balance in your life across all areas and living in accordance with your life values.

Have you ever thought about your life values, things that are very important to you and that without them in your life, you would not be happy and you may even be quite stressed? For example, if you are a vegetarian, you could not easily work in a butcher shop or a steak restaurant or anywhere in fact where animal cruelty was present if you are an animal lover. Similarly, if you greatly value health it would be abhorrent for you to be married to a smoker. The same could be said about religious beliefs, hobbies or your business.

So to get an understanding of what your personal values are, think about these 3 things:

  • What was a peak experience for you? When did you achieve something that you were extremely proud of? The chances are you were in harmony with one or more of your values.
  • What about a time when you were angry or upset about something? The more upset you were probably reveals one of your values that was being suppressed or not being considered.
  • What is truly important in your life? What do you need to have in order to be happy? What brings you immense pleasure? This is another important clue as to what your main values are.

If you are doing something in your life that is not in harmony with of your main values, you are unlikely to feel your life is meaningful in that area. It is not just about being meaningful either, it can also make you feel unhappy to suppress your values.

So a meaningful life is not about being rich because money will not bring you happiness if you are not living in accordance with your values. Something to think about today!

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