Improve Communication in Relationships

Improve Communication Relationships

I have a charming technique that I want to share with you that will help you to improve the communication you have in all of your relationships. It is a technique I have been suggesting with much success over the years and it really does improve communication in relationships, even if there is somebody involved who likes to butt in all the time and speaks over the top of you. We all know one of those people, don’t we?

Emotional Intelligence for Children

Emotional Intelligence

If your child knows how to identify each of their emotions, understands the feelings that come as a result of that emotion and then understands appropriate ways to deal with those feelings and in particular when it comes to dealing with other people, you are going to have a very emotionally intelligent adult child! Emotional intelligence for children is so important for several reasons but mostly because it helps them to suffer less anxiety as they can realise why they feel yukky and can take control of the situation so they can feel better.


I would imagine that just about everybody has procrastinated at some point in their lives. I have watched myself in situations where I use procrastination even if I enjoy the required work! I have not yet fully worked out why I procrastinate. I sometimes wonder if it just because I am a deadline driven person, […]

A Meaningful Life is not about Being Rich!

A Meaningful Life is not about Being Rich

Have you heard the quote that says, he was so poor, all he had was money? Leading a meaningful life is not about being rich, it is about getting balance in your life across all areas and living in accordance with your life values. Have you ever thought about your life values, things that are […]

The Emotional Intelligence Test


Many people think that emotional intelligence, like IQ can be measured using a test. Of course this is true and there are many examples of an emotional intelligence test to be found on the internet. However here is another way to test your emotional intelligence that you may not have thought of.



Setting Relationship Goals! Every relationship in your life can be improved. It may be your own personal relationship, a business relationship, or a relationship with a child, parent or sibling. Whichever relationship in your life needs some attention, one of the best ways you can strategically assist the growth and development of it is by […]